Hello and Welcome!

I'm Lydia and I live in the Northumberland countryside with my 5 year old daughter, Skye. I'm confident, friendly and a committed fitness professional with a wide range of experience in instructing and PT. I'm extremely passionate about fitness, health and well being, which is why I made it my career!

I've been a fitness instructor and PT for over 10 years, working in gyms and health clubs in the North East of England, delivering personal training and fitness coaching. 

Now for all of the excuses! We have all possibly suffered from a low mood? Lack of motivation? Mental health issues? Not enough time in the day? 'Can't be bothered' Syndome?

Healthy eating together with exercise is the best thing to help your low mood. It saved my life at one point. I focused my energy on getting myself fit, both mentality and physically and the rest followed.


Cant Exercise Because You Don't Have Childcare or The Time?

I am a single mother and have a 5 year old, I know how hard it can be to get to the gym. At 1st Fit, we take that stress away with our online classes, you can do them at anytime of the day fitting your workout in with your daily schedule.

What Can We Offer?

We offer 1-1 Coaching, which includes an Online PT session, starting and maintaining your measurements, weekly phone call and full diet & nutrition plan.

We have a range of LIVE classes from Insanity, Kettlebells, Free-style pump, Shredded arms, Booty builder, Abs and Body conditioning & Resistance Bands. These classes are all £7.00 per session and last between 30 minutes to 1 hour.

The virtual class pass is ONLY £30.00 per month, which works out at less than £1 per day and when you take up this plan you will get access to our 1st Fit Fitness Online Group for FREE. Our classes range from beginner to intermediate and for this plan they are all available to watch online at a later date if you can’t do the live class.

What Else Are We Qualified to do?

In addition to Insanity, Kettlebells, Free-style pump, Shredded arms, Booty builder, Abs and Body conditioning & Resistance Bands, we are also qualified to instruct Spinning Classes as well as having NVQs in Advanced Personal Training, Lifestyle Coaching and Weight Loss & Nutrition.